Saturday Covfefe Thoughts

This is my current favorite coffee. I used to not be able to drink coffee because of the horrible things it did to my stomach, but I have a tremendous gastroenterologist who almost makes having Crohn’s worth it. One time… Read more >

Happy Birthday What Smells Like Pee

Road Ends Sign

I have tens of tens of online acquaintances — what facebook calls “friends” — who have never met me in real life and probably wouldn’t care much for me if that were to change. Several of them were kind enough to throw kind messages… Read more >

Dark All at Once

curvy road ahead sign

When I’m not sick, it’s impossible to remember how sick feels. I’ll have bold but naive notions of fighting through a bad cold or a flu. Like I can simply will myself to action. Then the achy happens. The unearned muscle soreness. The pressure behind… Read more >

My New Old Hobby

the box containing the model

On my way to being the creepy old neck-bearded guy who plays D&D with twelve-year-olds, I dusted off some plastic models that have been keeping a trash bag from being empty for several years. I have a tiny (teensy-weensy) bit… Read more >