Saturday Covfefe Thoughts

This is my current favorite coffee. I used to not be able to drink coffee because of the horrible things it did to my stomach, but I have a tremendous gastroenterologist who almost makes having Crohn’s worth it. One time… Read more >

Dark All at Once

curvy road ahead sign

When I’m not sick, it’s impossible to remember how sick feels. I’ll have bold but naive notions of fighting through a bad cold or a flu. Like I can simply will myself to action. Then the achy happens. The unearned muscle soreness. The pressure behind… Read more >

My New Old Hobby

the box containing the model

On my way to being the creepy old neck-bearded guy who plays D&D with twelve-year-olds, I dusted off some plastic models that have been keeping a trash bag from being empty for several years. I have a tiny (teensy-weensy) bit… Read more >